TPS Page - Redesign is the nations leading online real estate marketplace focused exclusively on the sale of residential bank-owned properties and foreclosure properties.


    Some Context

  • Third Party Sales (TPS) is 65% of the business
  • The product team had not established trust with the business
  • Our TPS experience did not provide unique value to users
  • Banks were questioning the value added to their revenue

Our Hypothisis

If we offer a better customer experience for TPS, we will increase engagement with users. This will result in increased revenue per each property and/or salability of that property.

The Strategy

As the lead designer on this project, I aided research and worked side by side one other designer, engineers, PM’s and business stakeholders in launching the TPS PDP.

Design Sprint

What we discovered.
New Design structure of the TPS PDP
Status change notifications
Initial concept calculation for valuation guidance

User Testing

My role in this was to assist our researcher and ask additional questions.
The UX Prototyping…

The Results

Primary Information:

Property Photo

Property Address

Property Valuation

Secondary Information:

Property Photo

Property Address

Property Valuation

The Before

The Outcome