Android is one of the nation's leading online marketplace for buying and selling Real Estate. already had a full experience replication of the web platform as an iPad app and an iPhone bid-only app. I was asked to design and launch a whole experience android app while working in tandem with the iOS designer.
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The Search
Search by your location, or any way you like.
The Dashboard
For the user's dashboard, we wanted to have a clean, and informational property card. As it is normal for someone to read left to right, the color status draws action from left to right. From winning to losing, this layout is consistent with the “dashboard” and product page experiences. With the content hierarchy in mind; Price, bidding status, and the status color was the primary goal for the native apps.
The PDP (Product Description Page)
Property information, and where you bid on the property. PDP
Placing the Bid
Placing a bid is one of the most important goals of our users. So to be accurate of common nomenclature that the user will understand and feel comfortable with.
placing the bid
transaction icons