Product Rebranding is the leading online marketplace for Real Estate. It was the ten year anniversary, and it had been over four years since made any changes to their brand. I was the leading Product Designer on this project.
The Problem
Upon receiving the first round branding guidelines, the product team noticed that something was missing. A robust color palette for the new brand to work with the product. Knowing the product from the ground up, I knew we needed a strong color palette for the product components and typography.
Who I worked with
Since this project was four years in the making, we needed an army. My fellow designers, product managers, the engineering team, and the marketing team combined forces.
who i wokred with
Where I started
We started with the color palette, Something that was missing was the primary call to Action color with a contrast ratio of at least 4.0.
where i started 1
where i started 2
The brand color
After testing and testing, we finally came to a perfect outcome for the color without being too vibrant and distracting.
the brand color
A blue tint.
For the new brand, we wanted to give a cool grey color palate to the brand, up the RGB down the RGB.
The navigation
An important next step was the navigation. Refining, and cleaning up for simplification.
the buttons
The Outcome?
So with updating the style-guide, comes with applying it to our products. With a complete redesign of the homepage and native mobile applications.
The Homepage
adc homepage
Native Apps
The strategy that I put together with the native app developers was converting the current style guide code, so all we needed to do is switch colors, buttons, basic layout cleanup. It was a seamless process.
adc code
meet the new adc native apps
native search
native bidding