Android App is the nation's leading online real estate marketplace focused exclusively on selling residential bank-owned properties and foreclosure properties. WEll, We needed an Android app to be catch up to the iOS app.

The Challenge had already created an iPad app and an iPhone bid-only app that replicated their web platform. I was assigned the task of designing the android experience and worked collaboratively with the iOS designer.

The Method

In my role as the mobile designer for both Web and Android platforms, I aimed to ensure that our apps were consistent and compatible with the respective operating systems. To achieve this, I took the OS design guidelines as a starting point. In the middle of the project, the iOS designer and I held a working session to identify and address any inconsistencies across platforms.


Log In & Sign Up


Property Search


Auction Dashboard

We aimed to create a clear and informative property card for the user's dashboard. To ensure easy readability, we arranged the color status from left to right in order to prompt action. Our main focus for the native apps was the content hierarchy, prioritizing the price, bidding status, and status color.


The PDP (Product Description Page)

Property information, and where you bid on the property.


Placing a Bid

Placing a bid is one of the most important goals of our users. So to be accurate of common nomenclature that the user will understand and feel comfortable with.