Edge Sites is a WebOps platform for Drupal and WordPress websites. It's a multi-tenant, container-based platform that enables developers, creative agencies, and companies to manage multiple websites from a single dashboard. Pantheon offers various tools for professional developers, including staging environments, version control, backups, and workflow.

The Challenge

Pantheon has built a significant user base on Drupal and WordPress (CMS) Content Management System sites. We needed to develop a modern development offering for our users to build decoupled websites, AKA headless CMS. Also, we needed to build a framework for future products to support the WebOps teams better: the Designer, Content Creator, and Beyond.


The Process

Although we needed to provide additional data to pass the business case review, it was crucial to act swiftly and construct the product.

A UX Process

Design Sprint

To create a working prototype (POC tech with code) of a static site solution (not connecting to WordPress or Drupal backend) targeting a developer user type that can be tested with users at the end of the sprint.

Engineering Goal

Having a point of view in connecting the code/technology

Design Goal

UX - prototype encompassing the complete experience on and off Pantheon to validate our hypothesis.


The Results

  • The prototype took under 5 minutes for most users, with 100% completing all tasks confidently.
  • All participants showed interest in the product offering.

What's Next


On-Going Research

ongoing research

Competitive Teardown's


Story Mapping


UX Technical Flow Diagrams


The Product

Connect with GitHub

If you're moving your website to Pantheon, connecting with GitHub can help you integrate your current repositories seamlessly.

import git repo

Site Overview

On the site overview page, you can check the status of your live build and view a list of all available branches along with their respective details.

import git repo

Build Details

On the build details page, you can view the most recent status and metrics of the site.

import git repo

Lighthouse Scores

A Google Lighthouse score is a rating that Google gives to a website based on performance, accessibility, SEO, and best practices.

import git repo

Real-time Build Logs

A build log is a structured list of events that took place during a build, Live logging allows you to view the progress of a build in real-time as each step runs Logging can make it easier for software developers to monitor, troubleshoot, and debug

import git repo